First Friday tonight. I’m on around 7:30. Only doing a 30min set. The last one at this location, new store opens September 1st. #firstfriday

Track from my EP “Driving Music” which you can download at and watch the short film for at

Savageheads at Munoz Gym #savageheads #munozgym

Some of my iPhone panoramic shots

#generacionsuicida tour LPs with artwork photos by me! Tight!

Another track from my EP Driving Music which you can stream & download at
watch the full short film based on the EP at


Watch our short film for omaroseguera's new EP “Driving Music”. Also visit to stream and download the full EP. 


We will be releasing the short film and EP for @omar.o_ “Driving Music” tomorrow morning! #drivingmusic #shortfilm #creatives #drftrs #creativestudio #beats #art #movies


By Omar Oseguera

Reblog because people sleep on beautiful images

This is the opening track to my upcoming EP “Driving Music”
The release of the EP will also be accompanied by a short film influenced by the theme of the EP via DRFTRS.
Stay on the lookout for both the video and the EP on:

#vscocam #vscogrid

It is weird out today. #vscocam


Here is a clip of what’s to come from our Driving Music short film. 

To go along with the release of my EP, drftrsblog  will be releasing a short film with my EP as the soundtrack. Stay tuned! #drivingmusic #drftrs